Coconut and Blueberry Birthday Cake

A light coconut and blueberry cake with a blueberry buttercream and roasted coconut. I may have channelled grandmas everywhere with the way this cake is styled. Together the flavour combo, I think it has a very retro feel. Mightn’t it have been at home on a dining table set for tea in the ’80s perhaps? 

For next time …

⏳ I’d wait until the cake is completely cool before icing. The surface of the cake was cool when I started on the icing, but there was still a bit of residual heat left within the cake. Icing it when I did warmed the buttercream, which caused the toppings not to stick as they should and the piped blueberry buttercream to lift off the cake several times instead of sticking.

For a first attempt at piping icing on a cake, I think it has turned out okay. Definitely learnings from this, that’s for sure.

Taste verdict Pleasant, and surprisingly subtle flavours of coconut and blueberry. Restrained sweetness in the cake crumb paired with the coarseness of the shredded coconut and the softness of the whole blueberries, made for a delightful treat. #lol

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