Sausage Rolls

Normal oven sausage rolls with Aldi puff pastry and mince, and Spudshed sausage mince and veg. Taste verdict Heck of a lot of tasty, homemade sausage rolls were had on the cheap with a fair shake of the sauce bottle, of course.

Supersteamed Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake made with the full steam function aka the supersteam function. Taste verdict Big love for the full steam option. Easy-as, too. Recipe:  Ingredients: 150 SR Flour, 60 Dutch processed cocoa, 170 sugar, 240 thick cream, 180 butter, 2 eggs, vanilla extract, rum Mix well and steam for 50 mins.  Icing: 1 cup thick cream, whipped, two tbsp Dutch Continue reading Supersteamed Chocolate Cake

Ramen Boy by Noodle Forum at Southlands

For $9.50, this dish called The Wow is worth trying. The eatery’s inside is clean and it’s pleasing – decor-wise, service-wise, it’s decent. Pork belly on apparently housemade noodles. They didn’t taste any different, but hey. The service was efficient and they had a staff member come to ask how the food was. To which, Continue reading Ramen Boy by Noodle Forum at Southlands