Procrastibaking Pizza

Avoidance energy directed into some quick cheese-only pizzas. Pizza dough proved in the steam oven.

Taste verdict Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This was a productive use of wasted energy. Doughs savings dough …

Supersteamed Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake made with the full steam function aka the supersteam function.

Taste verdict Big love for the full steam option. Easy-as, too.


Ingredients: 150 SR Flour, 60 Dutch processed cocoa, 170 sugar, 240 thick cream, 180 butter, 2 eggs, vanilla extract, rum

Mix well and steam for 50 mins. 

Icing: 1 cup thick cream, whipped, two tbsp Dutch cocoa, rum essence

Ramen Boy by Noodle Forum at Southlands

For $9.50, this dish called The Wow is worth trying. The eatery’s inside is clean and it’s pleasing – decor-wise, service-wise, it’s decent.

Pork belly on apparently housemade noodles. They didn’t taste any different, but hey. The service was efficient and they had a staff member come to ask how the food was. To which, this diner replied that it was all good. It was.

Taste verdict  Nice addition to the local eats scene.