Shangrila Nepalese on Hay St

A great value Nepalese lunch was had for $10.80 at the Shangrila on Hay. The lunch, a Cudo deal combined with a 15% off code via OzBargain, included a soft drink and access to their all-you-can-eat buffet consisting of five dishes: plain rice, spiced rice, potatoes and peas, a dhal, and two types of chicken curry. 

Nepalese isn’t something I’ve had before. Contrary to my expectations, the dishes were more East Asian than Indian. The food was pretty tasty. Rich on spices and sauce and all served hot and fresh. The rice was the standout for me – a basmati variety that was nicely cooked, not under- or overdone, with a pleasant fragrance. The limited choice of dishes is the only real downside to this place. Then again a bigger selection would be asking a lot given that the normal, sans-deal price for the buffet is a very reasonable $13.95.

They’re well-placed but it was far from packed on this Saturday afternoon. I’d imagine the weekday lunch hour is probably their busiest time, and would account for the bulk of their patronage.

Taste verdict Unlimited feasting on tasty, fresh food can be had for under $15. That’s​ unbeatable value. 

Currently so full! The two plates I had will be my lunch and dinner today. 😄


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