The Iris Bar & Restaurant in Jandakot

A great dinner was had at The Iris. I had the scotch fillet with a mushroom sauce, chips, and salad. 

The chips were the reheated frozen type, and the salad unashamedly undressed – straight from the supermarket pre-packs to the plate.

But boy, did the fillet and sauce more than make up for these transgressions. 

All was forgiven with one bite out of the star of the dish. A beautiful hunk of meat, the inside perfectly rare as ordered, the outside grilled and smacking of the vestiges of hot flames. The mushroom sauce was salty. Cleverly so however. Ladled over the fillet, it seasoned the meat and gave the salt and pepper shakers the night off. The pairing of sauce and tender fillet was delicious.

The service was excellent. Our waiter, in his late teens, was polite, enthusiastic, and attentive.

Total with drinks came to $198. A half-priced Scoopon for $150 value, made this a deal. 

Taste verdict Awesome. Food and service is on point. A hidden Jandakot gem.


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