Dim Sum at Northbridge Chinese Restaurant

A long overdue lunch was had at NB Chinese Restaurant. We went for dim sum staples: deep-fried squid, siu mai, hargow, char siu bao, chee cheong fun, and siu yuk/roast pork. The total for two came to $48.

The dim sum offerings were tasty but lacking in execution.

The deep-fried squid was scantily clad in batter. There was hardly enough to create the crispy, crunchy coating that should have surrounded the tender tentacles. While the siu mai was not overly salty and the pork was fresh – free of any ‘pork smell’ – it was missing flavour. The char siu bao could have been from the than frozen aisle at Woolies with its uncomfortably thick dough and dry and pastey filling. The hargow was good, a dumpling of redemption, it was stuffed full of prawn and seasoned well. The classic chee cheong fun took out best dish of the day. It was probably the best of those I’ve had at dim sum places this year. Diving in to thin, delicate sheets of rice noodle lightly splashed with an oil-soy sauce, uncovering prawns scattered intermittently throughout: why that’s a surefire plate of deliciousness. Other places have either used a thick flat noodle, or just haven’t been successful recreating the delicateness the dish typifies. The roast pork was decent. Crispy crackling always goes down a treat with this diner. The atmosphere was noisy, alive – very favourable conditions for this lunch.

All things considered, I’d say this place is worth another visit.

Taste verdict Dim sum was a winner on many levels.


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