Buffet at The Little Lebanon in Osbourne Park

A great time was had at The Little Lebanon – this year’s venue for an end of year dinner with a bunch of the work crew. The company was good. The food was plentiful. Fun times indeed.

The buffet at $40 per head was well worth it. Getting value was easy with the assortment of savoury and sweets.

The rounds:

The sweets (bummed that I didn’t take a pic!) were yum. Never having tried middle eastern desserts before, this is something I will have to look into… Those flakey sweet pastries and that moreish Turkish delight. Seriously. Yum. And in hindsight should’ve definitely taken less of the savouries to save room for the sweets. 😄

The meats available were generous: lamb shank, a barely-spicey chicken, chicken kebab, kofta, and there was even meat tossed through the rice. The other dishes included a few veg, Lebo breads, and a few fillers. All were tasty.

Hot plain tea and coffee were also available.

The atmosphere was jolly, loud, and light-hearted. The appearance of a belly dancer at the end of the night kept things interesting.

Taste verdict Good venue for entertaining groups. Something different. Go the buffet: there is an abundance of food. 


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