Fish and Chips at The Denmark Tavern – The Koorabup Motel

We arrived in Albany at around 5.30pm on Sunday. Travelling to our accommodation at The Koorabup Motel in Denmark took an hour plus, and took us past some picturesque settings – sparse farmlands, cows, kangaroos, haystacks.

It was 6.40pm when we checked into the Motel. They were expecting us.

From the receptionist’s cheery greeting, it seemed a stay of four nights was a ‘long time’. Cherry, the lady in her late-sixties at reception also provided a list of dinner spots. “It’s difficult to get food after 8pm,” she advised.

My first impression of the motel was it was just like the photos and reviews. Clean, small but sufficient, with a nice view. And big points for this being a legitimate motel. Some of the places we’d looked into were either too remote, short on information, creepy, or places that we weren’t confident would prove safe sleeping quarters.

We then made a mad dash to the local IGA before its 7pm closing time for some staples. This turned out to be raspberry jam and crumpets. Crumpets, as the shelves were devoid of cheaper bread options. A few loaves upwards of $6 each remained unsold.

We dropped off the shopping at the room and walked across to the Tavern for dinner.

I decided on fish and chips for $25. They offered grilled or battered. I went the grilled. Going by the dish I had, grilled was probably the less impressive option. The fish was quite plain, like it was a literal grilled fish. Pure as anything. Without seasoning, scorch marks from a grill, flavour of a hot grill, stuff I was kind of (well, more than kind of) hoping​ for.

The chips and salad were nothing to write home about.

To be fair though, it felt like a healthy dish which can only be a positive. The last thing I’d have wanted from today’s dinner is to have felt uncomfortable and bloated. I can think of this dish turning out much worse; for one, it could’ve been oily, stodgy, or you know, every other connotation of a bad pub meal.

All in all, the fish was alright. I’d just have imagined something more, something better for the price.

Taste verdict A matter of perspective: a disappointing fish and chips or a healthy pub meal. I’ll take the latter, but really I should’ve gone the batter.


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