Fish and Chips at The Denmark Hotel

With the pizza place we wanted to visit closed, we decided on take-out $12.95 fish and chips from the Denmark Hotel. 

There were wins on a number of levels. 

The portion was generous. 

The chips came with extra oil, I didn’t remember ordering.

The salad was fresh and made of genuine leafy greens. 

The included raw lemon wedge was perfectly acidic.

My biggest complaint was the lack of a housemade tomato sauce. They’d served up a Masterfoods sachet of tomato sauce. What type of plebians did they think we were? Did they expect us not to notice(?)

The fish was a far cry from that grilled disaster I’d had and certainly the catch of the day. A different kettle of fish, it featured average crispiness, the Mastercheffy meltingpot of flavours specially created by unchanged deep-fried oil, and slightly undercooked batter in places. 

The ability to feel hunger is an incredible aspect of the human body. Consuming this meal like a caveman who’d been down on his luck on the mammoth hunting front, finally given up, and resigned to snagging a less-amazing beast to eat, I was reminded of this fact. Hunger made this meal taste ten times better than it probably was. 

Taste verdict It was ridiculously delicious. It greased my insides better than WD40 on a jammed hinge.


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