Kangaroo Curry and American Ribs from Castelli Lodge Bar & Bistro in Denmark

A rather indulgent dinner was had at the restaurant at Castelli’s winery. The menu and the specials sounded so good. We went splitsies and tried two dishes.

The kangaroo curry turned out to be a great choice: pieces of naturally lean roo marinated with Asian flavours, the sauce slightly spicey, the crisp chips and the rice used to mop up the sauce, as you do.

The American spare ribs, too, were a hit. The pork was tender, and came easily off the bones. The sauce was a thick, sweet, sticky, barbeque-y, caramel-ly – moreish. And there was so much of it.

A fantastic mocha made extra hot as ordered topped off dinner. The double-walled glass provided optimum drinking comfort. It was a nice touch. Pun intended.

Taste verdict Highly recommended. Great location and great food.


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