Backdated Posts

This steamy vanilla creation was inspired by my decision to backdate the backlog of posts I still have to put up before Christmas.


“I’m late,” she began, avoiding his gaze as she fastened her zip. Her black ankle boots were a pain to wear.

His eyes widened, almost popping out of their sockets as he took a step closer to her. His soaked towel was still around his neck. The smell of a musky antiperspirant, unfamiliar to her, filled her nostrils as he entered her space.

She brushed past him and continued, pretending not to notice the nervous look his eyes.

“Late. Behind with the paper. For good reason. I haven’t had the time.”

His pupils abruptly returned to normal. She noticed. His hand swept carelessly across his forehead. Beads of sweat were salty raindrops pelting onto the new crimson rug he had laid down the day before.

“Great!” he exclaimed.

“No problems. You’re okay, yes? No hurry. Later is fine. Take your time. I guess I’ll see you later,” his voice seemed to trail off.

The higher pitch of his voice belied discomfort. Was it a statement or a question? She couldn’t tell, not that it mattered. His words didn’t follow. It was empty talk: uneasy words spoken to fill the air, to replace the awkward silence he’d anticipated. One he was thankful hadn’t materialised.

“You will. Let me know,” she said, her tone softened.


He nodded, unsure of exactly what she meant but answering her all the same.

He met her eyes. She permitted his gaze. Was he imagining this?

She gave him a half-smile before departing through the side door of his flat.

Her response gave nothing away. Her actions contradicted her words. He wanted clarity. He couldn’t help but feel that she knew this, but some reason, wanted him in a state of confusion.

Whatever it was, it was working. Her nonchalence. Her purposeful neglect of this. Her ignorance of him. Her inaction was an unspoken spell to which he was powerless.

Glitters of sweat began to reappear on his forehead as he noticed a stray hair tie that had managed to catch the seams of the rug.


Suddenly Inspired A steamy start of something more? Posts will be backdated. 

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