Eggs Benedict at Cafe du Soleil at Riverton Forum

With the brother back from Tasmania, we decided to break one of many dry spells of passing an eatery many times, never as a patron. It was lunch at Cafe du Soleil at Riverton Forum. 

I had the eggs benedict. The parents, the fish and chips and the steak burger, and the brother, the chicken parmi. The dishes all looked fresh, clean, and feedback from the family was incredibly positive.

The steak burger and fish and chips (both of which I neglected to photograph!) were also of generous servings.

As Masterchef judges have us know each year eggs Benedict is an absolute breakfast classic. Done well, splitting the poached egg should reveal an ooey-gooey, runny orange centre. These were about a minute past that stage; and still gorgeous and soft. The hollandaise, which tied the dish together liberally sloshed on like sunscreen, was light, buttery, viscous and creamy. More acidity, a squeeze more lemon, would have been personal preference.

Bacon was plentiful. My four large pieces, came crisped all over, the charred edges singing of adequate frytime on the griddle. For most hardcore bacon fans, the promise of crispy bacon is sufficient motivation to give up a Sunday sleep-in. When the bacon’s on point, that’s three quarters the appeal of a hot breakfast nailed. This café had the bacon right.

The bread, had been buttered both sides and toasted, and had the crunchiness of toast that was on the cusp of crossing over to the dark side. This bread did edgy and borderline better than most.

The flat white, too, was decent. It was midstrength with a hint of caramel. 

Taste verdict They are doing a lot right. The bacon. The generous portions. Prices that are pretty standard. I’d happily be back for another visit. 


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