Dim Sum at Kopitiam, T3 SG Airport

The landing early at 5.30am in SG was smooth. Once we got through arrivals, we made our way over to T3 where most of the dining options were. I decided on some steamed goods and ordered the siew mai, har gow, and one chicken and char siew bun. The total came to $7.60.

There was a bit of a wait for the hargow. It was worth it though: they came out steaming hot. The dumpling skin was a cross between jelly-like and a sort of sticky glutinous skin which wrapped tightly around the filling of prawns. This was a hit.

The siew mai had a hard consistency and the prawn content was undetectable. This was a Coles-Worth-style dim sum product. 

The chicken and char siew buns were indistinguishable. Except that it was meat, it was impossible to tell what was in these buns. The chicken and pork fillings both tasted and looked like pastey supermarket sausage mince. The white buns were dry and tasteless. An empty, carb-fest that I couldn’t finish.

Taste verdict
Hargow was yum. The rest, I’d give a miss. Dammit, for the same price-point, so many other food options could’ve been had. Ah, opportunity cost.


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