Teriyaki Chicken, Softshell Crab, and Rainbow Roll at Silver Sushi in Willetton

Silver Sushi consistently delivers great casual dining. As a local, it’s the default place to go for a special occasion, and it’s just as good an option for grabbing a bite. 

I hadn’t been for a while. After an intended lunch at Nandos didn’t go to plan when we were sat next to group of bothersome schoolies, we decided to leave. The Nandos disappointment turned into another enjoyable experience at Silver Sushi.

The food included a teriyaki chicken rice bowl, deepfried softshell crab, and the ‘rainbow roll’. Writing this after the fact, the photos are making me hungry. 

Terriyaki chicken with a slight charcoal flavour atopped slightly sticky sushi rice made for a filling start to this lunch. 

Softshell crabs are a staple order whenever we’re here. Few would complain about Silver’s softshell crab. It’s deep-fried, in a crumbly melt-away batter, served with a variant of mayo. On first bite, the juicy centre of the crab spills out like a tantalising explosion in your mouth. It’s a must try.

The rainbow roll is larger than it looks. Big pieces of sushi with generous amounts of avocado and alternating salmon and tuna leave little to be desired. More soy sauce. More wasabi, perhaps, if you’re like me and can’t get enough of the stuff.

I really like Silver Sushi. They know about satisfying the palate. I’ll be coming again.

Taste verdict Seriously good food. 


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