Paratha with a side of chicken curry at Mama Botak in Willetton

Mama Botak is relatively new to the neighbourhood. We went on a Saturday morning. I decided on the paratha with a side of chicken curry, and teh tarik to wash it down.

Out of the kitchen it came:

I liked the tea. Mainly because​ I like tea. This one seemed to be made using sweetened condensed milk. After a while though it was like downing a whole lot of sugar.

The paratha was disappointing. Parathas are enjoyable because of the flaky, buttery dough that takes on a dark, toasty character after being panfried. This was a doughy, undercooked paratha. It was made worse by the side of chicken curry that didn’t actually include chicken. When we asked if they’d given us the correct order, they told us the curry was that from a chicken curry. Semantics, or just being misleading on their menu? We’d heard great things about the place. It’s sad that the experience turned out as it did.

Taste verdict Highly disappointing paratha, curry and a menu that needs a review.


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