The Kauphy Place, High Road Willetton

Indian food places are new to me. I’d been wanting to try the Kauphy Place for a while. It’s in the area and always seems well patroned. 

We started with lamb koftas, had a range of spicey curries for mains, and a bunch of Indian sweets for dessert.

I’ll keep it brief as this is a backdated post. All of it was yum.

I’d go back and get the mint curry. Actually, all were delicious.

The cheesy toasted naans were a great idea. I’ve since made these at home. Who’d have thought that cheese on naan could be so delicious snd so different to your sliced bread toasty? They’re superbly tasty.

Taste verdict Recommended. Local place that does some tasty dishes. I’ll be back.


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