Ultra Baileys​ Chocolate Mud Cake

I love Baileys in chocolate cakes. This cake was Baileys on steroids. Even moreso than the last Baileys cake I made.

I steambaked the Baileys chocolate cake (extra Baileys poured in for good measure), iced it with a white chocolate Baileys glaze, then covered it in chocolate ganache. The Baileys glaze soaked right through the cake which became very dense and moist. The ganache kept all this goodness from going anywhere. 

The crumb was white- and dark-chocolate bikkies, and Rafaello.

Doing this post-midnight bake reminded me how much I enjoy it. I need to get back into doing more frequent bakes. 

It seemed to impress our overseas guests who don’t usually take alcohol but nonetheless downed large slices of the cake. A sincere suggestion that I open up a cake shop was a nice compliment from the evening. 

I’m happy.

Bake verdict Best Baileys cake yet.

Base recipe:


This recipe is a keeper! I modified it a bit, see below.

– Cake: 2 cups Baileys, 80g Dutch cocoa, +200g flour.
– Baileys glaze: 200g melted white chocolate, 80mL Baileys, 80mL pouring cream. This was quite thin and there was a fair amount of excess. I might reduce this for next time. I left it for a couple of hours to sit on the cake and soak through.
– Chocolate ganache: 200g chocolate, Tbsp Dutch cocoa, 80mL pouring cream.

Update: Made a video!

I really like the word amazing! 😄

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