Steak Sandwich at The Camfield, Optus Stadium

A rather clean-eating steak sanger was lunch at the Camfield on a chilly Wednesday. And it was chilly. The air was fresh and cold. The sun had beaten down on the table where we sat. If I’d relished this sandwich as much as I did the warmth the tabletop conducted to my icey hands, I’d have given it five stars.

The ‘Amelia Park steak sandwich with cheddar, mustard, balsamic onions, aioli, tomato, cos’ $25, arrived without delay. What presented was disappointing. The sandwich plated unimpressively next to a bunch of standard-fare chips. The hero of the dish did not live up to its descriptive name. Tastewise, it improved.

The spongey panini bread could’ve done with a few minutes longer on the grill. Wedged between the bread, was the steak. The Margaret River-sourced hunk lifted the dish from overpriced disaster to acceptably good. It was a proper, full-bodied piece of meat: tender, and requiring only a mini-workout from the canines. The inside was a good, grilled medium. The sauces were the annoying unassuming type, the one-brush-on-the-bread counts type. The unsauciness was unsatisfying. If only they had made it more saucy, pushed the boundaries a bit, this sanger would have sung loud enough to turn the toughest critics. The flavours were there. To be fair, the timeless combo of steak, lettuce, tomato slapped into a bread bun, doesn’t usually go wrong where baseline flavours are concerned. This sandwich had added bonuses of feeling fresh and non-greasy. In terms of meeting expectations, they had  missed the opportunity to meat mine and dress the star of the show in the suave suit and tie it deserved. The chips were as expected: fried frozen ones. Always delicious enough.

The Camfield’s made clever use of its location right across from Optus Stadium. The venue is modern. It boasts ample dining areas and chic inside and outside spaces. The riverside location is reason to visit. The trendy fitout, decor, and family-friendly inclusions surrounding (Jenga and a kids’ playground adjacent to the restaurant) will lend well to a range of crowds and uses.

Taste verdict An average steak sandwich. Great location. Overall, recommended.


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