Mocha and Eggs Benedict at The Happy Wife, Bunbury

I wrote about doing more brekkies and alas, yet another delicious brekky this morning! 

The morning was cold. Rugged up we headed into the café, choosing to sit indoors—which wasn’t much warmer. Places, all places, need temperature control or at least good insulation. 

For a smallish café, the options are impressive. Thinking of the all day breakfast and lunch so makes me want to go back.

Feeling like brekky food for breakfast, I went the eggs Benedict ‘poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce on Turkish bread with honey glazed mustard ham’ $18. I washed it down with a mocha, $4.50.

Out came the mocha, it looked fab. It was also perfect for defrosting my hands. The coffee to hot chocolate ratio tasted like an 80:20. It was a weak coffee, tasty nonetheless. Hot chocolate on a cold day? Yummy enough I can forgive the smidgen of coffee. Maybe it was intentional. 

My photo of Mr Benedict doesn’t quite do him justice. What you don’t see is a generous amount of Hollandaise sloshed on top a generous amount of bacon, and two perfectly poached eggs. 

This was real good brekky food. 

The eggs were lovely and runny. Silky smooth orange yolk flowed out on piercing the delicate white exterior, coating the bacon better than Dulux on a wall. I was trying to think of a way to describe it: I think that does capture it. 

The Hollandaise was average. It was more mustard-y than buttery and not quite smooth. I wasn’t fussed. I’d already had quite the damage done to my recommended daily intake of fats from the layers of bacon on this thing. Crispy was the bacon, and of course, no complaints from me. No additional​ buttery-ness necessary. The mustard was actually pleasant. 

The toasty bread, the bacon, the sauce, the eggs, the bacon. What can I say. The bacon. The egg on the bacon. It was amazing. 

We finished off brekky with a slice of lychee and berry cake, and lime and lemon curd cake. Both arrived at our table served warmed. I half-joked with the brother that the cake had been thoughtfully warmed, unlike his car which he’d preferred at the ice cold temperature it’d been at when we’d gotten in. (We’d had a bit of a tiff: me wanting the heater on, being denied a most basic need not to freeze; and the eventual, reluctant acquiescence on the part of the brother). My discovery of Elsa’s secret twin—who also isn’t bothered by the cold—aside, both cakes had subtle, interesting flavours that were very moreish. The lychee cake was especially unique. The flavour was like lychee syrup through  a butter cake and there was a beautiful lightness to it. It’s a flavour I’m inspired to look into. The lime cake had a firmer crumb. The icing on this was suitably tart and great palate cleanser to round out brekky.

The breakfast atmosphere gets a mention. It’s one of those things. Going out for it is always fun. It’s early. The day’s just started. It feels like a productive start to the day, even it’s a longer brekky than usual. It’s something about breakfast. And when you’re at a place that does the food so well, it’s doubly good.

Taste verdict Recommended. Food is tasty. Or should I say amazingly tasty! Good portions too.


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