Baking: Sultana Slice

I plumped up a cup’s worth of excess sultanas for my hot cross buns so I decided to steambake a sultana slice. Recipe adapted from Margaret Fulton’s Sultana Slice.

– Almond flour instead of almond pieces
– Entire flour mix pressed down.

Nigh on thirty minutes. This was a good, basic slice to have with tea. Cost-effective as well.

4 thoughts on “Baking: Sultana Slice

    1. Is sultanas. Is good. 👍

      This morning.
      I speak.
      Like Tarzan.
      I think.

      On another note, The Bonnywood Trefology was an awesome read, t.

      (I will admit, too, I fangirled when I saw the title. I was basically ‘woah this is gonna be a wowser of witty wordplay’. Whew.)

      Demands another reading to digest it all. This time with eggnog.

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