Key Lime Pie and Chai Latte at Riverside Cafe, Elizabeth Quay

I wandered about the Quay on this Friday afternoon, taking a stroll for fresh air and in search of a sugar hit—a pick-me-up, after what had been an energy depleting day. I’d been feeling poorly and the day had done its bit to add to it. For the first in a long time, the feeling was one of constriction: of being completely spent.

I sat outside; the café’s quayside view was wonderful and unfettered. The minimal patronage made it all the better. As for the cold, it fell away to serenity and calmness. Peacefulness seemed to drown out other thoughts. 

My chai latte, $5.50, and key lime pie, $9, arrived. They did a brilliant job at helping me reclaim my chi. The chai was a good fragrant one. The last third of the mug was the texture of sand. The slice of pie was a pleasant choice. Dense, creamy, cheesecake-ish, with a teensy bit of tang from the lime, and a good biscuit crust. While I’m far bigger a fan of bold flavours in pies—higher acidity and the harsh zinginess of lime for a key lime pie—I’d get this again. 

Life always seems a little better with good food and a good view.


Taste verdict A lovely spot.


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