Katsu Chicken Curry at Zushibento, Brookfield Place

For lunch at the end of the week I decided to go the Katsu chicken curry for $11.90 at Zushibento, Brookfield Place.

Rice with crispy chicken on top and just-poured curry arrived after a productive five minutes—during which my usual donation to charity was made and it was confirmed​ that the coming weekend would unfortunately not be spent at the beach.

This far-hotter-than-your-average dish on a cold day hit the spot. Think actual steaming rice. With visible steam. Think OH&S hazard levels of hotness. 

As a massive fan of eating things right out of the oven, right off the stove, for the burn, this was awesome. 

The chicken and curry were respectively like KFC done without three of the eleven secret herbs and spices, and some strangely kick-ass Kan Tong creation that if mamma was making would not take long for the word to spread around. In other words, it was pretty delicious and beyond average tastiness—and on a scale of boring-desk-job-lunch to showstopper-in-the-communal-office-kitchen, this was more of the latter.

On a musical note, who else thinks Kan Tong had a pretty catchy jingle? No? Just putting the question out there. I… I mean I don’t whistle it from time to time thinking about the 2000s…

Taste verdict Katsu curry that’s lunchtime good.


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