Baking: Mrs SK Ng’s Butter Cake

This has to be the best butter cake recipe I’ve tried. Seriously, it’s the best. The Mrs SK Ng butter cake is the holy grail of butter cake recipes out there. I’d be butterfingers if I let it slide without serving up a piece here.

On another note, too many Kitkats I’ve had of late. I’ve had a break from this—and a lot of things else—and an update is due.

That out of the way, I’m not trying to butter you up with this recipe. Not in the least. Hear me out. I swear, quite a bit actually, particularly when nobody’s around.

I’m currently supposed to be smashing out a written response and killin’ white space. I’m not. I’m writing an overdue post about a butter cake.

I’ve hit a mental block with this response and I’m stalling.

I’m Spotifying songs I don’t even listen to, which I guess means I’m finally making proper use of Spotify. I’m browsing eBay for stuff I don’t need, but kind of do. One session of online retail therapy this afternoon has already cost me forty quid. Potential gifts, for others or myself, are in train (or shall I say, cognisant of my corniness, on board road trains) as tangible outcomes of said therapy.

I figure that I’ve made savings looking at the bigger picture: a good dose of happiness from the splurge today, and if I hit the sales now rather than later I won’t fall victim to Christmas-time price-jacking. I have the system beat! I gather that the distracted mind is capable of much reasoning. Flawed reasoning.

If only my mental block were a butter block. A good one-two in the microwave to melt it, refresh the engine a touch, re-oil the grey matter… If I had it my way, procrastination would get life for trespass. Procrastination kind of is getting life, only the wrong kind. If only I could make that sentence—a sentence!—happen for me now.

Unfortunately, half-baked puns, crude attempts at escapism, and a butter cake post are the only things going for me on this Wednesday afternoon.

This Mrs SK Ng cake—what can I say?

It’s super buttery. Mrs SK Ng, you’re rocking it with this recipe.

The buttery fragrance of each golden morsel is amazing. Imagine sillage of Lynx Africa in school gym locker rooms at the conclusion of Year 10 PhysEd class, overpowering and frankly disarming (no, not by charm). Now, imagine that as butter, and focus. Bad analogy? One, two, three. Aw yiss, you’re there. There’s more than one staircase to heaven.

The texture is like that of a good hotel pillow. Bouncy, light, together, appropriately cloud-like, and devoid of gritty bits, of which if even traces were present, would categorically ruin the experience. I specify a hotel pillow, in reference to my idea of hotel pillows having a desired level of what I will refer to as robust fluffiness. Housebrand pillows sold at Target, which I have chosen arbitrarily to compare to whatever brand of pillows hotels seem to furnish to furnish hotel rooms, I find, are usually lacking in the balance of firm- and softness. My assessment as a non-professional pillow assessor with twenty plus years of accumulated ‘z’ scores to draw from, is that they are overly soft.

In other words, the texture of this butter cake is most fine and pillowy. I could have just said that.

To summarise: buttery-ness overload. Here’s the recipe.

Mrs SK Ng Butter Cake Recipe


230g salted butter, room temperature
4 eggs, separated into 4 yolks and 4 whites
200g caster sugar, apportioned as 150g and 50g
200g SR flour, sifted
60mL milk
1 tsp vanilla extract


Two separate mixes are made up, one with the egg yolks and one with the egg whites.

Bowl 1: With a mixer, cream in one bowl, 150g caster sugar and butter until light and fluffy. Add egg yolks, one by one, creaming well after each addition. Add in vanilla extract. Set aside.

Bowl 2: In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites until foamy. Add in the 50g of caster sugar slowly, beating until stiff peaks form.

To Bowl 1, add in the SR flour and milk, alternating between each, and ensure the ingredients are, like a business who wants to limit liability, fully incorporated. (Poor attempt at incorporating an accounting joke! I apologise. Nope, not really. Is there such thing as a good accounting joke?)

Take 1/3 of Bowl 2 (egg white mix) and incorporate into Bowl 1, folding gently. Add the remainder of Bowl 2 and fold through to incorporate.

Bake in a lined tin at 160°C for 50 minutes.

Decorate. Fellow Aussies, if you’re decorating with strawberries, an unfortunate reminder to remember to cut ’em in half first.

An au naturale result Id bought icing sugar, but changed my mind; the birthday suit dressed the golden child a treat.

I like the nakedness.

I added a tie to complete the look:

Taste verdict But a cake? Butter cake, yes way! Enjoy!

33 thoughts on “Baking: Mrs SK Ng’s Butter Cake

      1. A wild #superkindcomment from @nirant has appeared!

        Really appreciate the kind words mate, making my day!

        Currently being thrashed by a paper I’m supposed to have finished but, alas, have not.

        My imminent defeat reminded me of Pokemon.

        Then I saw your comment. :p

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    1. Gosh, this was sitting in spam!

      Thanks a bunch Mayawidi for thinking of my blog and your nomination!
      I will definitely have a read of yours. 🙂 I wish you a wonderful new year ahead.

      #unexpectedanddizzying #smilingatmyphone

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    1. Thank you! You have delighted me. I am quite flattered by the adjective you have used and its styling; I see bursting enthusiasm.

      Deliver, we do! As it happens, universal virtual deliveries (UVDs™) have become quite a specialty of ours! It would be my absolute pleasure to arrange this instant for a delivery to be sent to you. Do look out for it; it will arrive at yours in a wink.

      Two virtual slices of, an admittedly different but equally tasty, cake upcoming…

      … baked, and sent to Silver Screenings with a smile > 🍰🍰

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