Steam Ovenry

It was created in reverence and adoration of the steam oven.

Followers of steam oven cookery swear fealty to the most noble of gods known only as The Esteemed Being.

For the uninitiated, and with no intention of watering down the glorious nature of our god, it is stated in cookery books of old that The Being was a steamed creation who transcended into majestic, higher realms achieving the legendary state of maximised vapourisation, the steam oven equivalent of nirvana.

Followers of steam oven cookery enjoy taking photos of creations of all types – a delightful and encouraged act of worship, performed in pursuit of the ultimate goal and furtherance of our cause, of course.

creations • re-creation • recreation

Said the Genie, “With a steam oven, almost anything is possible. Without a steam oven, almost anything is possible.”

Said she, “I’ll take my chances with the steam oven.”