Bailey’s Chocolate Cake with a Bailey’s Cream Cheese Icing

One boozy choccy dessert baked. Bailey’s on even more Bailey’s because goddammit why not. Washed down with a Bailey’s mocha tomorrow it shall be.  Taste verdict Holiday season food. We shall see! Update: So much chocolate. It’s the chocolate-y cake I want, but not the one I need right now. 😉 Holiday season has begun.

Butter Cake

Baked a butter cake in my new ring pan. Possibly the best bake this steam oven has seen. Taste verdict Very happy with this cake – and my new ring pan. Egg separation method was used and that’s made a huge difference to ones I’ve made in the past. It’s the best butter cake I’ve made, by far. Cotton-y but not breakaway crumbly. This Continue reading Butter Cake