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posts in which a steam-oven was more than likely employed.

Dining Out

posts on outside food creations resembling some manner of review, some expression of opinion, or some reference to the experience had.

Ivy and Jack on Hay St November 18, 2017
ISPA Kebabs Riverton November 8, 2017
Kitchen Inn in Thornlie November 7, 2017
Carvers at Crown October 29, 2017
The Epicurean at Crown August 19, 2017


posts typically containing at least some text of a tangential nature.


stories and writing-type posts.

Sausage Sizzles! January 1, 2019
Friday December 2, 2018
Writing: A Last Day September 25, 2018
Writing: In the Detail August 27, 2018
A January Summer December 31, 2017
Backdated Posts December 23, 2017
Writing: Part 1 The Port November 7, 2017


the sorting hat’s Hufflepuff of houses. ‘Good Hufflepuff, she took the rest.’ 

Site Migrated May 20, 2018
Christmas December 25, 2017
Dinner Today December 4, 2017
Piping Tips August 27, 2017
The Steam Oven July 16, 2017


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